Why is it necessary to cherish womanhood before motherhood? 

I see many moms, some SAHM,WAHM. full time working,part time working, all very dedicated to their families especially kids, moms after all!

One thing I see missing though is the essence of being a woman, yes being a mom is a full time dedication, I don’t want to call it a job though,because it is that one thing which all moms enjoy,even though it means waking up at night to change nappy or those sleepless nights that we spend staring and cuddling the little wonder we created. 

We get so engrossed in being moms that we tend to forget we are women, why do I say so? Because we forget to take care of ourselves, which by any means is not going to the spa or getting a manicure or stuff like that. When was the last time you made a meal for yourself? Or buy sheets that you liked and not those car/princess ones coz your son/daughter likes it. 

Yes! You need to get selfish at times, why? If you are not , this is when you eventually start getting frustrated, irritated. Selfish in a good sense wherein you look after yourself and trust me when you feel good about yourself,you will care,look after your loved ones better. As you will be satisfied as a person, cherishing your womanhood, being a little girl again, enjoying life to life life in a better way for your loved ones. 

Make that meal you want to eat,go for a movie with your girlfriends spend time with yourself, and yes go to a spa if that makes you feel better, pamper the woman inside you, so that you can project immense positivity and love. 


5 thoughts on “Why is it necessary to cherish womanhood before motherhood? 

  1. I can’t agree to this more! I find myself always drained and unable to find happiness in little things because I’ve worn myself out. I rarely agree to myself having the time to just give myself a reboot..but this reminds me how crucial that is in loving our family!


  2. It is so easy to just focus on the rest of the household. I always try and take at least a few hours a week out for myself. I don’t think it is selfish at all as it helps the rest of the house too!


  3. I am bad about not taking care of myself and just focusing on my family and household. I have been working on doing more for myself and blog lately though. I actually going to have a girls day with my mom, sister in law, and grandma. My son of course will tag along since my husband works.


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