Mess is good when it creates memories!!

Spring term break is here!! So is spring cleaning, Spring is just around the corner.

A good relief for mums from their routine of waking up early and packing lunch boxes, a much needed break as we start spring cleaning but this isn’t only about spring cleaning or spring term break, it’s also about teaching our kids to play in the open, that it’s okay to get dirty(in mud).

It’s about giving a fresh start to everything, be it the spring cleaning, outdoor activities with kids or any relationship, even the one that siblings share. It’s a time that kids  bond more with each other, fight over petty things, share their toys, go for play dates.
When all this is happening there’s always the mess of  scattered toys over the floor, dirty pile of clothes in laundry, little giggles, crying and shouting, I love the way my house comes alive when my kids play with the toy guns, car, making and breaking of doll house, singing and dancing, running around each other all through the house.

All this mess gives a sense of satisfaction, gratitude, that we can manage a good living  for ourselves and our kids.

The mess they create is temporary but the memories that make last for life. No mum would want a spick and span house at the cost of the kids happiness.

Yes we all want a spick and span house, the one from the magazines always well kept, the bed made to perfection, the kitchen clean and sparkling, the floors shining, every thing in place.

Trust me it happens only in the magazines, at home, if the bed is made the kids are bound to jump on the freshly changed sheets, the kids will definitely run on the freshly mopped floor and drop food on the just vacuumed carpet.

The kitchen can not always be clean and sparkling, it is just the first thing in morning, as the day progresses there will be piles of dirty dishes waiting to be loaded in the dish washer, it is a sign that you have been taking care of the family, dishing out healthy food from our kitchen.

Then there are outdoor activities that must be done, you can’t keep them engaged the whole break in the house. It is also essential for the kids to go in the sun and play, to have fun.

Saying this cleaning must follow, as it’s officially spring, there is no escape to cleaning, but if you do fall off the wagon it’s okay, celebrate the time with kids, don’t feel guilty and yes, start over again.

True spring cleaning can only happen after the spring term break is over!!

Happy spring!!


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